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Gaia 2

Discover the Joy of Riding with Gaia 2 MTB!


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Gaia 2
Gaia 4
The Professional's Choice
Weight 11.9kg 10.8kg
Gear Shimano Deore Shimano SLX
Gears 12 12
Fork ROCKSHOX Recon RL Remote FOX 32 Rhythm Remote
Travel 100mm 100mm
Frame TORAY T800 Carbon TORAY T800 Carbon
Frame Size optimized for riders between 175-195 cm optimized for riders between 175-195 cm
Brakes Hydraulic Hydraulic
Wheel Size 29x2.25 inches 29x2.25 inches
Rims Aluminum Aluminum

Collection: MTB

Mountain Biking: Conquering Trails with Agility and Strength

Mountain bikes are engineered for off-road adventures, designed to handle rugged trails, steep descents, and technical terrains. These bikes feature durable frames, wide tires with aggressive tread patterns, and advanced suspension systems. Ideal for mountain bikers seeking thrill and challenges, these bikes provide stability, control, and comfort on the most demanding trails.

Key characteristics of mountain bikes include:

  1. Robust frame geometry providing stability and maneuverability on rough terrains.
  2. Wide, knobby tires for superior grip and shock absorption.
  3. Heavy-duty components, including suspension systems, to handle challenging landscapes.

Mountain Bike Tires: Wide, Knobby, and Built for Tough Trails

One of the most defining features of a mountain bike is its tires. Wide with deep treads, they are designed to grip on loose or uneven surfaces, offering traction and control during off-road rides.

Components of a Mountain Bike: Durable and Ready for the Trail

From suspension forks to hydraulic disc brakes, mountain bikes combine a range of durable components. Gearing systems are designed to offer a wide range of speeds suitable for climbing steep trails and descending quickly and safely.

Mountain bikes are great for bikepacking adventures, offering the necessary durability and carrying capacity for off-road journeys. Customization options like racks and panniers make them ideal for multi-day trips.

Carbon frames in mountain bikes offer lightness and strength but at a higher cost. Aluminum frames, being more affordable, provide durability and are often preferred by riders who prioritize toughness over weight.

While many mountain bikes are unisex, some models are specifically tailored for women, with adjusted frame geometry and components to better fit the average female physique, offering enhanced comfort and control on the trails.

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Mountain bike gearing systems vary based on the riding style and terrain. Options range from single-speed for simplicity to multiple gears for tackling varied landscapes. Understanding the gear ratio and its impact on riding efficiency is crucial for choosing the right mountain bike.