Assembly Service

Our Service Point:

At RINOS Service Point, we are your local resource for all things bicycle-related. Along with our online website, we offer a compact service point with a range of services to assist you competently. Here, you can take advantage of services such as repairs and maintenance, pick up on site, assembly, and bike consultation, as well as find a select range of parts and accessories. In this way, we provide a physical complement to our extensive online offerings.

An assembled bike within a few clicks: You've found your dream bike online and just want to hop on and ride? We offer several options for getting your bike delivered without having to tighten a single screw yourself. You choose the bike you want, and we take care of delivery, assembly, adjustment, and packaging disposal. The only decision you need to make is whether you prefer to pick up your bike at a nearby bike shop or have it delivered to your home.


  1. Simply complete your purchase and write a comment to us.
  2. We will create an invoice for this service for you.
  3. After payment, we will arrange a date and location for delivery with our partner.
  4. Upon delivery, your new bike will be perfectly adjusted for you.

Your Benefits:

  • Your fully assembled bike will be delivered to you.
  • In addition to delivery, you will only pay €99 for a complete check and individual adjustment within Germany.
  • Your bike will be delivered at a time of your choosing.
  • Before delivery, the bike will undergo a thorough check.
  • Your bike will be perfectly adjusted to you on-site.
  • You won't have to worry about disposing of packaging materials.